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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"Breakfast 's ready! "
Heidi did not in the least understand that these words meant.an invitation; Tinette's scornful face seemed to warn her not to come too near her rather than to give a friendly summons, and Heidi understood this and acted accordingly. She took the little foot­stool out from under the table, placed it in a corner, sat down on it, and waited to see what would happen. After some time she heard a bustling, and Fraulein Rottenmeier, again in a state of irritation, came and called into Heidi's room : —
" What is the matter with you, Adelheid ? Don't you understand what breakfast means ? Come down ! "
Heidi understood this, and at once followed her.
Klara had been sitting some time in her place in the dining-room and gave Heidi a friendly greeting. She looked much more contented than usual, for she expected all sorts of strange things to happen that day. The breakfast passed without any disturbance; Heidi ate her bread and butter properly enough, and after the meal was over Klara was rolled back into the library. Heidi was bidden by Fraulein Rottenmeier to follow and remain with Klara until the Herr Kandidat came to begin the lessons. When the two children were alone Heidi said at once: —
" How do you see outdoors and 'way down to the ground here ?"
"We open the window and look out," replied Klara, amused at the question.
" But the windows don't open," said Heidi sadly.
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