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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AN UNCOMFORTABLE DAY                        95
"Well! well!" exclaimed Klara, "you can't open them, and I can't help you ; but when you see Sebastian, he will open one for you."
It was a great relief to Heidi to know that the windows could open and that she could look out, for her room had seemed to her like a prison.
Klara then began to ask Heidi about her home; and Heidi was delighted to tell her about the Aim, the goats, and the pasture, and everything she was so fond of.
In the mean time the Herr Kandidat arrived; but • Fraulein Rottenmeier did not take him as usual into the library, for she wished to talk with him first, and so asked him into the dining-room, where she sat down in front of him, and in great excitement described her embarrassing situation, and how it had come about.
She had written some time before to Herr Sesemann in Paris, where he was staying, that his daughter had for a long time desired to have a companion in the house, and that she herself believed that it would be an incentive to Klara in the study hours, and give her stimulating society the rest of the time. In reality the plan was a very desirable one for Fraulein Rottenmeier herself, as she was anxious to have some one there to relieve her from entertaining the sick girl — a task which was often too much for her. Herr Sesemann had re­plied that he would willingly grant his daughter's wish, but with the condition that her playmate should be in every way as Klara's equal; for he would have no chil­dren tormented in his house — "a really very unneces-
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