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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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sary remark from Herr Sesemann, for who wants to torment children ?"
She then went on to tell the Herr Kandidat how terribly disappointed she had been in the child, and related all the strange things she had done since she had been in the house, proving not only that he would have literally to begin his instruction with the alphabet, but that she, too, had to commence at the very begin­ning in every kind of training. She saw only one way out of these unfortunate circumstances, and that was for the Herr Kandidat to declare that two children so different could not be taught together without great harm to the advanced pupil; this would be a sufficient reason to Herr Sesemann for putting an end to the matter and allowing the child to be immediately sent back where she came from ; she would not dare to undertake this without his consent, because the master of the house knew that the child had come.
But the Herr Kandidat was very discreet and never one-sided in his judgment.
He spoke many consoling words to Fraulein Rotten-meier and gave the opinion that if the young girl was backward in one way she might be so advanced in other ways that with well-regulated instruction they would be brought into harmony. When Fraulein Rottenmeier saw that the Herr Kandidat did not favor her, but would undertake to teach A-B-C's, she opened the door into the library for him, and after he had gone in closed it quickly behind him and remained on the other side, for she had a horror of A-B-C's.
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