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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AN UNCOMFORTABLE DAY                          97
She strode up and down the room, considering how the servants should address Adelheid. Herr Sesemann had written that she must be treated as his daughter; and this command had to be carried out, especially in regard to the servants, thought Fraulein Rottenmeier. But she was not able to meditate long without inter≠ruption, for suddenly from the library came a fright≠ful crash as of something falling, and then a call to Sebastian for help. She rushed into the room. There on the floor everything lay in a heapóbooks, copy≠books, inkstand, and on top of all the rest the table-cover, from underneath which a stream of ink flowed across the whole length of the room.
Heidi had disappeared.
"Just look at that!" exclaimed Fraulein Rottenmeier, wringing her hands. " Table-cover, books, and work-basket, all in the ink! Such a thing never happened before ! There's no doubt about it, it is that wretched creature !"
The Herr Kandidat stood in perfect dismay gazing at the destruction which could be regarded only in one light, as very disturbing. Klara, on the other hand, watched the unusual occurrence and its result with a look of per≠fect delight and simply said by way of explanation : ó
" Yes, Heidi did it, but not on purpose; she really must not be blamed ; she was only in such a fearful hurry to get away, and pulled the cover with her, and so everything fell with it to the floor. Several carriages went by, one after the other, so she rushed out; perhaps she had never seen a coach before."
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