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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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100                                       HEIDI
at him in amazement, for she had n't noticed anything amusing.
"All right, go ahead, Mamsell."
" My name is n't Mamsell," said Heidi, a little vexed in her turn ; " my name is Heidi."
" That 's all right; Fraulein Rottenmeier told me to call you so," explained Sebastian.
"Did she? Well, then, I must be called so," said Heidi resignedly ; for she had noticed that everything had to be as Fraulein Rottenmeier said.
"Now I have three names," she added with a sigh.
"What did the little Mamsell want to ask?" said Sebastian as he went into the dining-room and was putting away the silver in the closet.
" How do you open the windows, Sebastian? "
" This way," he replied, swinging out one of the large windows.
Heidi went to it, but she was too small to be able to see anything; she reached only to the window sill.
" There; now the little girl can look out and see what there is below," said Sebastian, bringing a high wooden stool and setting it down. Heidi climbed up with great delight, and was able at last to take the longed-for look out the window. But she immediately drew her head in, evidently much disappointed.
" There is nothing to see at all but the stony street," said the child mournfully; "if you go clear round the house, what do you see on the other side, Sebastian? "
"Just the same," was the answer.
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