HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AN UNCOMFORTABLE DAY                      101
" But where do you go to see way down across the whole valley?"
" You have to climb up into some high church tower, like the one over there with the golden dome above it. From up there you can see away off ever so far."
Then Heidi quickly climbed down from the stool, ran out of the door, down the stairs, and went out into the street. But she did not find it as she imagined it would be. When she saw the tower through the win­dow, she fancied she would only have to go across the street and it would be just in front of her. She went down the entire length of the street, but without com­ing to the tower, and she could no longer see it any­where ; and she came to another street and then another, and so on, but still she did not see the tower. A great many persons passed her, but they were all in such a hurry that Heidi thought they had no time to tell her anything about it. Finally she saw a boy standing on the corner of the next street ; he was carrying a small hand organ on his back and a very strange animal in his arms. Heidi ran up to him and asked: —
" Where is the tower with the golden dome at the very top? "
"Don't know," was the answer.
"Who can tell me then where it is?" asked Heidi again.
"Don't know."
"Don't you know any other church with a high tower?"
"Certainly I know one."
" Come and show me where it is."
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