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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Show me first what you will give me if I do."
The boy held out his hand. Heidi searched in her pocket. She drew out a little picture, on which was painted a garland of red roses; she looked at it for a little while, for she disliked to part with it. That very morning Klara had given it to her; but to look down into the valley, across the green slopes!
"There," said Heidi, holding out the picture to him; "will you take that? "
The boy drew his hand back and shook his head.
"What do you want, then?" asked Heidi, delighced to put her picture back into her pocket.
" I have n't any, but Klara has, and she will give me some ; how much do you want? "
"Twenty pfennigs."
" Well, then, come along."
The two accordingly went through a long street, and on the way Heidi asked her companion what he was carrying on his back, and he explained that under the cloth he had an organ which made wonderful music when he turned the handle. Suddenly they came to an old church with a high tower; the boy stood still and said: —
" But how can I get in ? " asked Heidi when she found that the doors were closed.
"Don't know," was the answer.
" Do you think I could ring here as I do for Sebas­tian?"
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