HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AN UNCOMFORTABLE DAY                       105
" Come, you may look at the kittens; she won't hurt you while I am here."
Heidi went toward the basket and screamed with delight.
" Oh, the cunning little creatures! the lovely kit­tens ! " she exclaimed again and again, running back and forth around the basket, in order to watch the amusing frolic and play of seven or eight little kittens as they crawled and jumped and tumbled over one another.
"Would you like one?" asked the tower-keeper, pleased to see Heidi dance with delight.
" For my own? To keep always? " asked Heidi, ex­cited and hardly able to believe in such good luck.
" Yes, to be sure ; you can have more than one —you can have them all, if you have room for them," said the man, glad of a chance to dispose of the kittens without having to harm them.
Heidi was highly delighted. The kittens would have so much room in the big house, and how surprised and pleased Klara would be when the pretty creatures arrived !
" But how can I carry them? " asked Heidi, and was going to take some of them up in her hands at once, but the big cat jumped up on her arm and growled so fiercely that she drew back greatly frightened.
" I will bring them to you, only tell me where," said the keeper, stroking the old cat to make her good-natured again, for she was his friend and had lived in the tower with him for a good many years.
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