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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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106                                             HEIDI
" To Herr Sesemann's big house. There is a golden head of a dog with a big ring in his mouth on the front door," explained Heidi.
This detail was superfluous, for the tower-keeper had sat in the tower for many long years and knew every house far and wide; besides, Sebastian was an old acquaintance of his.
" I know where it is," he remarked ; " but whom shall
I bring the things to, and whom shall I ask for? You don't belong to Herr Sese-mann, do you?"
" No ; but Klara will be so delighted to have the kit­tens !"
The tower-keeper was ready to go on down the stairs, but Heidi could hardly tear herself away from the entertaining spectacle. "If I could only carry one or two with me — one for myself and one for Klara ! Why can't I? "
"Well, wait a little," said the keeper; and he carried the old cat carefully into his little room, put her into the cupboard, shut the door, and came back: " There, now take two ! "
Heidi's eyes shone with delight. She chose a white kitten and a striped yellow and white one, and put one in her right pocket and the other in the left. Then she went down the stairs.
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