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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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AN UNCOMFORTABLE DAY                       107
The boy was still sitting on the steps outside, and when the keeper had closed the door after Heidi she said : —
" Which is the way to Herr Sesemann's house?"
"Don't know," was the answer.
Heidi then began to describe, as well as she knew how, about the front door, the windows, and the steps ; but the boy shook his head; he knew nothing about it.
"You see," Heidi went on, "out of one window you look at a big, big gray house, and the roof goes so"; and with her forefinger she described a sharp point in the air.
Then the boy jumped up; all he needed was some such sign in order to find the way. He started off on the run and Heidi after him, and in a short time they stood directly in front of the door with the .big brass knocker. Heidi rang the bell. Sebastian soon ap­peared, and when he saw Heidi he exclaimed urg­ently : —
" Quick ! quick ! "
Heidi ran in in great haste, and Sebastian closed the door; he had not noticed the boy standing disappointed outside.
"Quick, Mamsell!" urged Sebastian again; "go right into the dining-room; they are already at the table. Fraulein Rottenmeier looks like a loaded can­non ; but what made the little Mamsell run away so?"
Heidi went into the dining-room. Fraulein Rotten­meier did not look up, and Klara said nothing; there was an uncomfortable silence. Sebastian pushed up
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