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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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108                                             HEIDI
Heidi's chair. When she was once seated in her place, Fraulein Rottenmeier began with a stern face and a very solemn voice:
" Adelheid, I will talk with you later; now I have only this to say : you have behaved very badly, and really deserve to be punished for leaving the house without asking permission, without any one knowing a thing about it, and wandering about until so late in the day ; I never heard of such conduct."
" Meow," sounded as the apparent answer.
Then the lady grew angry :
" What, Adelheid," she exclaimed, raising her voice, " after such behavior, do you dare to play a naughty trick? You had better be very careful, I assure you ! "
" I did n't," began Heidi.
" Meow! meow ! "
Sebastian put his tray down on the table and rushed out of the room.
" That is enough," Fraulein Rottenmeier tried to say ; but she was so excited that her voice no longer sounded.
" Get up and leave the room !"
Heidi, much frightened, rose from her chair and tried once more to explain.
" I really did n't "
"Meow! meow! meow!"
" But, Heidi," said Klara, " when you see how angry you are making Fraulein Rottenmeier, why do you keep saying 'meow'? "
" I am not doing it ; it is the kittens," Heidi at last was able to say without interruption.
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