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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"What? what? cats? kittens?" screamed Fraulein Rottenmeier. " Sebastian ! Tinette ! Find the horri­ble creatures and take them away ! "
Whereupon the lady rushed into the library and fas­tened the door in order to be safe, for to Fraulein Rot­tenmeier kittens were the most dreadful things in the world. Sebastian was standing outside the door and had to stop laughing before he could enter the room again. While he was serving Heidi, he had noticed a little cat's head peeping out of her pocket, and when it began to meow he could hardly contain himself long enough to set his tray on the table. At last he was able to go back calmly into the room, some time after the distressed lady had called for help. Everything was then perfectly quiet and peaceful; Klara was hold­ing the kittens in her lap, Heidi was kneeling by her side, and both were playing to their great delight with the two tiny, graceful creatures.
"Sebastian," said Klara as he entered, "you must help us; you must find a bed for the kittens where Fraulein Rottenmeier will not see them, for she is afraid of them, and will have them taken away ; we want to keep the cunning things and bring them out whenever we are alone. Where can you put them ? "
" I will take care of them, Fraulein Klara," replied Sebastian willingly; " I will make a fine bed for them in a basket, and put it where the timid lady will never come ; just leave it all to me."
Sebastian went on with his work, chuckling to him­self all the while, for he thought : " This is n't the last
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