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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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On the following morning Sebastian had no sooner opened the front door for the Herr Kandidat and ushered him into the library than some one else rang the bell, but with such force that Sebastian rushed down the stairs with all his might, for he thought: —
" No one rings like that except Herr Sesemann him­self; he must have come home unexpectedly."
He pulled open the door; a ragged boy with a hand organ on his back stood before him.
"What do you mean?" said Sebastian to him. "I will teach you how to pull doorbells! What do you want here ?"
" I want to see Klara," was the reply.
" You dirty street urchin, you! can't you say ' Frau-lein Klara,' as the rest of us do ? What have you to do with Fraulein Klara ?" asked Sebastian savagely.
" She owes me forty centimes," explained the boy.
" You are certainly not right in your mind! How do you know, anyway, that there is such a person as Fraulein Klara here ? "
" I showed her the way yesterday; that makes twenty
centimes; and then I showed her the way back again;
that makes twenty more ! "
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