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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" You see what a fib you are telling; Fraulein Klara never goes out; she is not able to go out. Get you gone where you belong before I start you ! "
But the boy was not at all frightened; he remained calmly standing still and said coolly: —
" But I saw her on the street. I can describe her; she had short, curly black hair, and her eyes are black, and her dress brown, and she does n't talk as we do."
" Oho!" thought Sebastian, chuckling to himself; "that is the little Mamsell, who has been in more mischief." Then he said, pu.ling the boy in: —
" You 're quite right; follow me and wait at the door until I come out again. If I let you come in, you must play something; it will please Fraulein Klara."
He went upstairs, knocked at the library door, and was called in.
" There is a boy here who wishes to see Fraulein Klara herself," announced Sebastian.
Klara was very much delighted at this unusual occurrence.
"He may come right in," she said; "may he not, Herr Kandidat, if he wants to speak to me ? "
The boy soon entered the room, and, according to his instructions, he immediately began to play his organ. In order to avoid the A-B-C's, Fraulein Rottenmeier was busying herself with all sorts of things in the dining-room. Suddenly she stopped to listen. Did the sound come from the street ? and so near ? How could the sound of a hand organ come from the library ? And yet—really ! She rushed through the long dining-
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