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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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room and threw open the door. There, — she could hardly believe it, — there in the middle of the library stood a ragged organ-grinder, playing his instrument most diligently. The Herr Kandidat seemed trying to say something, but the words failed to come. Klara and Heidi were listening with beaming faces to the music.
" Stop ! stop immediately ! " exclaimed Fraulein Rot-tenmeier, coming into the room. Her voice was drowned by the music. Then she ran toward the boy, but sud­denly she felt something between her feet; she looked on the floor; a horrible black creature was crawling under her skirts — a turtle. Fraulein Rottenmeier jumped in the air as she had not done before for many years, then screamed at the top of her voice: —
" Sebastian ! Sebastian ! "
Suddenly the organ-grinder stopped, for this time her voice was heard above the music. Sebastian, doubled up with laughter, stood outside the half-open door, for he had seen the jump Fraulein Rottenmeier made. Finally he entered. Fraulein Rottenmeier had thrown herself into a chair.
" Away with them both, the boy and that creature ! Send them away immediately, Sebastian !" she cried to him. Sebastian readily obeyed. He led out the boy, who had quickly seized his turtle, then pressing some­thing into his hand he said: —
" Forty for Fraulein Klara, and forty for playing. You did well " ; whereupon he closed the door.
Quiet was once more restored in the library; the
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