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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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114                                           HEIDI
studies were resumed, and Fraulein Rottenmeier had settled herself in the room, in order that her presence might prevent a similar dreadful occurrence. After the study hours she intended to investigate the case and punish the guilty one, so that it would not be forgotten.
Soon there came another knock at the door, and Sebastian again came in with the information that a large basket had been brought, which was to be given immediately to Fraulein Klara herself.
"To me?" asked Klara in surprise and curious to know what it might be; " let me see at once what it looks like."
Sebastian brought in a covered basket and then hastened away.
" I think you had better finish your studies first and then open the basket," remarked Frauiein Rottenmeier.
Klara could not imagine what had been sent to her; she gazed with longing eyes at the basket.
" Herr Kandidat," she said, stopping short while she was declining a word, "may I not take just one little peep to see what is in the basket and then go right on with my lessons ? "
" From one point of view I might be in favor of it, from another against it," replied the Herr Kandidat; " the reason for it would be that if your whole attention is directed toward this object "
His remark could not be finished. The cover of the basket was not fastened, and suddenly, one, two, three, and then two, and then even more little kittens jumped out into the room and began to scamper around so
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