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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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quickly. The alphabet always confused her and she could never learn it. When the Herr Kandidat was in the midst of explaining and writing the forms of the letters, and in order to make them clearer, compared one to a little horn and another to a beak, she would exclaim with delight: " It is a goat! " or " It is the robber-bird ! " The description awakened all sorts of thoughts in her brain, but no idea of the alphabet.
In the late afternoon hours Heidi would again sit beside Klara and tell her all about the Aim and her life there, until her longing for it became so intense that she would cry out:
" I really must go home now ! To-morrow I really must go!"
But Klara always quieted these attacks and showed Heidi that she must surely remain until her papa came home; then they would see what would happen.
One happy prospect Heidi secretly enjoyed caused her to yield and become contented once more. This was, that every day she remained she would be able to add two more rolls for the grandmother. Every noon and night beside her plate lay a lovely white roll, which she immediately put into her pocket, for she could not eat the bread when she thought how the grandmother had none at all and was hardly able any longer to eat the hard black bread.
Every day after dinner Heidi sat for two long hours quiet and alone in her room, for she was not allowed to run outdoors in Frankfurt as she did on the Aim ; she understood this now and never did it any more. Neither
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