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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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did she dare to talk to Sebastian in the dining-room, for Fraulein Rottenmeier had forbidden that also, and she never dreamed of speaking to Tinette, whom she always avoided, for Tinette spoke to her in a scornful tone and was continually laughing at her, and Heidi under­stood her perfectly. So Heidi sat thinking to herself how the Aim was growing green again, how the yellow flowers were glistening in the sunshine, and how bright everything was — the snow and the mountains and the whole wide valley. She often felt as if she could not bear it any longer, so great was her yearning to be there. Her aunt had told her, moreover, that she might go home whenever she liked.
So it happened that one day she packed up her rolls in great haste in the big red neckerchief, put on her straw hat and started. But at the very door she en­countered Fraulein Rottenmeier just returning from a walk. She stood still and in blank amazement gazed at Heidi from top to toe, and her eyes rested especially on the full red handkerchief. Then she broke forth : —
"What kind of an expedition is this ? What does it mean ? Have I not strictly forbidden you to go wan­dering about again ? Now you are trying to start out another time, and looking for all the world like a tramp."
" I am not going to wander about; I only want to go home," replied Heidi, frightened.
" What ? what ? go home ? You want to go home ? " Fraulein Rottenmeier wrung her hands in her agita­tion. " Run away! If Herr Sesemann knew that!
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