HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Run away from his house ! Don't let him ever hear of it! And what is it that does n't suit you in his house ? Are you not better treated than you deserve ? Is there anything you need ? Have you ever in your whole life had a home, or a table or the service that you have here ? Tell me! "
" No," replied Heidi.
" I know that perfectly well," continued the lady in great excitement. " You lack nothing, nothing at all; you are the most ungrateful child I ever heard of, and you don't know how well off you are."
Then all Heidi's pent-up feelings broke forth : —
" Indeed I am going home, for I have been away so long that Schneehopli must be crying for me all the time, and the grandmother is expecting me, and Distel-finck will be beaten if Peter has no cheese, and here you never see how the sun says good-night to the moun­tains ; and if the robber-bird should fly over Frankfurt he would scream still louder, because so many people live together and make each other wicked, and do not go up on the cliffs where it would be good for them."
" Mercy, the child is crazy!" exclaimed Fraulein Rottenmeier; and as she darted in alarm up the stairs she ran hard against Sebastian, who was coming down.
" Bring up that miserable creature at once!" she called to him as she rubbed her head, for she had received no gentle bump.
" Yes, yes, I'm all right, thank you," answered Sebas­tian, for he had been hit still harder.
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