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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi still stood, with flaming eyes, on the same spot, and her whole body trembled with excitement.
"Well, what have you been doing now?" asked Sebastian gayly ; but when he really saw that Heidi did not move he patted her kindly on the shoulder and said comfortingly :
" Pshaw! pshaw! the little Mamsell must not take it so to heart; just be merry, that is the best way ! She almost broke my head just now, but don't be frightened ! Well ? still on the same spot ? We must go upstairs; she said so."
Heidi then went up the stairs, but very slowly and quietly, and not at all as she was wont to go. That made Sebastian feel sorry. He went behind her and spoke encouraging words to her:
" You must n't give way ! You must n't be so sad ! Only be brave about it! We have had a very sensible little Mamsell, who has never cried since she has been with us ; other little girls cry a dozen times a day ; that is well known. The kittens are gay, too, upstairs ; they jump all around the floor and act like mad. By and by shall we go up there together and look at them, when the lady in there is away?"
Heidi nodded her head slightly, but so sadly that it went to Sebastian's heart, and he looked at Heidi quite feelingly as she stole away to her room.
At supper time that day Fraulein Rottenmeier said not a word, but kept casting strangely sharp glances at Heidi, as if she expected she would suddenly do some unheard-of thing; but Heidi sat as still as a mouse at
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