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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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kept and what disposed of. But in a few moments she came back again, looking very much disgusted.
"What a discovery I have made, Adelheid!" she exclaimed. " I never heard of such a thing ! In your closet, a clothes closet, Adelheid, in the bottom of this closet, what do I find ? A pile of little rolls ! Bread, I say, Klara, in a clothes closet! And such a pile stowed away! "
" Tinette ! " she then called into the dining-room, " take away the old bread in Adelheid's closet and the crushed straw hat on the table."
" No ! no ! " screamed Heidi; " I must have the hat, and the rolls are for the grandmother " ; and Heidi was about to rush after Tinette, but was held fast by Frau-lein Rottenmeier.
" Stay here and the rubbish will be taken away and put where it belongs," she said decidedly, holding Heidi back. But Heidi threw herself down by Klara's chair and began to cry in such despair, louder and louder, and more bitterly, and sobbed again and again in her distress: —
" Now the grandmother won't have any rolls. They were for the grandmother; now they are all gone and she won't have any ! "
It seemed as if her heart would break. Fraulein Rottenmeier ran out. Klara was alarmed and per­plexed by her distress.
" Heidi, Heidi, don't cry so !" she said imploringly, " only listen to me! Don't be so troubled; see, I promise you I will give you just as many rolls for the
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