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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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124                                         HEIDI
grandmother, or even more, when you go home, and then they will be fresh and soft, and those would be­come very hard, and were so already. Come, Heidi, don't cry so any more!"
It was long before Heidi could control her sobs; but she understood Klara's comforting words and took them to heart, else would she never have been able to stop crying. But she had to be reassured of her hope again and again, and so she kept asking Klara, while her sobs still interrupted her speech : —
"Will you really give me, for the grandmother, just as many as I had ? "
And Klara kept saying: " Yes, indeed I will, and more, too; so be happy again."
Heidi came to supper with her eyes all red from weeping, and when she saw her piece of bread she had a fresh outbreak of sobbing; but this time she quickly controlled herself, for she realized that she had to behave at meal times.
Sebastian this time kept making the most significant gestures whenever he came near Heidi; he would point to his own head, then to Heidi's, then he would nod and wink as if to make her understand: —
" Be comforted ! I have looked out for everything and made it all right."
When Heidi a little later went to her room, and was about to get into bed, she found her little crumpled straw hat hidden under the coverlet. With perfect delight she snatched the old hat out; in her joy she crumpled it still more, and then, tying it up in a hand-
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