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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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children touch the earth, if they move along, otherwise they would have wings instead of feet."
"Ah, Herr Sesemann, you know what I mean," con­tinued the Fraulein. " I mean one of those well-known forms living in the pure mountain regions, and which pass by us like an ideal breath."
" But what would my Klara do with an ideal breath, Fraulein Rottenmeier ? "
" No, Herr Sesemann, I am not joking; the matter is more serious to me than you think ; I have been frightfully, really quite frightfully deceived."
" But how so frightfully ? The child does n't seem to me so very frightful," remarked Herr Sesemann calmly.
" You should know just one thing, Herr Sesemann, only one— what sort of people and animals this creature has filled your house with in your absence; the Herr Kandidat can tell you about that."
" With animals ? What am I to understand by that, Fraulein Rottenmeier ? "
" It is not to be understood ; this creature's whole conduct is past understanding, except from one point of view, that she has attacks of being out of her mind."
Up to this time Herr Sesemann had not taken the matter seriously ; but "out of her mind"? This might have serious consequences for his daughter. Herr Sesemann looked at Fraulein Rottenmeier very closely, as if he wished first to assure himself that she herself was not troubled in that way. Just at this moment the door opened and the Herr Kandidat was ushered in.
"Ah, here comes our Herr Kandidat, who will
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