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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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give us an explanation !" exclaimed Herr Sesemann to him. " Come, come and sit down by me ! " and he held out his hand to him.
" The Herr Kandidat will drink a cup of black coffee with me, Fraulein Rottenmeier ! Sit down, sit down ; don't be formal! And now tell me, my dear sir, what is the matter with the child who has come into my house to be a companion for my daughter, and whom you are teaching. What is the story about her bring­ing animals into the house, and what is the matter with her mind ? "
The Herr Kandidat had first to express his pleasure at Herr Sesemann's safe return and bid him welcome home; but Herr Sesemann urged him to give his opin­ion about the matter in question. So the Herr Kan­didat began : —
" If I were to speak my mind about the character of this little girl, I should first of all make especial men­tion of the fact that if, on the one hand, she shows a lack of development, which through a more or less neg­lected education, or, to express it better, occasioned by a somewhat tardy instruction, on the contrary, her good qualities unquestionably showing the seclusion of a long abode in the Alps, which, if it does n't exceed a certain length of time, without doubt has its good side" —
" My dear Herr Kandidat," interrupted Herr Sese­mann, " you are really giving yourself too much trouble ; tell me, has the child alarmed you by bringing in ani­mals, and what do you think of her society for my little daughter ? "
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