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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" I don't wish in any way to offend the young girl," the Herr Kandidat began again, "for if she, on the one hand, shows a certain kind of social inexperience, due to the more or less uncultivated life in which she moved up to the time of her coming to Frankfurt, which coming " —
" Pray excuse me, Herr Kandidat, don't trouble your­self, I will — I must hasten to look after my daughter."
Whereupon Herr Sesemann hurried out of the room and did not return. He went into the library and sat down beside his little daughter; Heidi rose from her seat. Herr Sesemann turned toward the child, saying: " Look here, little girl, bring me — wait a moment — bring me" — Herr Sesemann did not exactly know what he wanted, but he wished to send Heidi away for a little while; "bring me a glass of water."
" Fresh water ? " asked Heidi.
"Yes, indeed ! yes, indeed ! quite fresh ! " answered Herr Sesemann.
Heidi disappeared.
" Now, my dear little Klara," said her papa, while he drew near to his daughter and took her hand in his, "tell me clearly and distinctly what sort of animals your companion brought into the house, and why Fraulein Rottenmeier should think that she is sometimes not quite right in her head; can you tell me that ?"
Klara was able to do so, for the worthy lady in her horror had spoken to her also about Heidi's perplexing words, the meaning of which was clear to Klara. She
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