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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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132                                              HEIDI
fresh water ? " asked Herr Sesemann as Heidi offered him a glass of water.
" Yes, fresh from the well," replied Heidi.
"Did you run to the well yourself, Heidi?" asked Klara.
" Yes, indeed; it is perfectly fresh, but I had to go a long way, for there were so many people at the first well. So I went through the whole street, but there were just as many people at the second well; then I went to another street, and there I got the water ; and the gentleman with the white hair sent his regards to ^ Herr Sesemann."
" So your expedition was very successful ? " said Herr Sesemann, laughing; "and who is this gentleman ?"
" He was passing by the well, and then stood still and said : 'As you have a glass, you might give me a drink ; to whom are you going to take the water ?' And I said: 'To Herr Sesemann.' Then he laughed very loud and told me to give you his regards, and also said : 'Herr Sesemann ought to enjoy it.' "
" Who could it have been ? How did the gentleman look ? " asked Herr Sesemann.
" He laughed pleasantly and had a big gold chain and a gold thing with a large red stone hanging from it, and there was a horse's head on his cane."
"That is the doctor" "That is my old doctor," said Klara and her father at the same time; and Herr Sesemann laughed again to himself at the thought of his friend and how he would regard this new way of having his supply of water brought to him.
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