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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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STRANGE DOINGS                                 133
That same evening, while Herr Sesemann and Frau-lein Rottenmeier were sitting alone in the dining-room and talking over all sorts of household matters, he told her that his daughter's companion was to remain in the house; he thought that the child was in a normal con­dition, and his daughter found her society very pleas­ant and more enjoyable than any other.
"I wish, therefore," he added very positively, "to have this child always treated kindly, and that her peculiarities shall not be considered as sins. If you should not be able to deal with the child alone, you have the prospect of valuable assistance, for my mother is coming very soon to my house to make a long visit, and she manages every one, no matter how singu­lar they are. You are well aware of that, Fraulein Rottenmeier ? "
" Yes, indeed, I know that, Herr Sesemann," replied the lady, but not with an expression of relief at the assured prospect of help.
Herr Sesemann had only a short time to remain at home now, and after two weeks business called him back to Paris, and as his little daughter would not con­sent to his going away so soon, he consoled her with the promise of a visit from her grandmamma, who might be expected in a few days.
Herr Sesemann had hardly left home when a letter came announcing that' Frau Sesemann had started from Holstein, where she lived on an old estate. She would arrive at a Certain hour on the following day, and the carriage was to be sent to the railway station for her.
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