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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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On the following evening there were great expecta­tions and lively preparations in the Sesemann house, and it was plain to be seen that the expected lady was of great importance there, and that every one felt deep respect for her. Tinette had put a brand-new white cap on her head, and Sebastian had collected a great num­ber of footstools, so that the lady might find one under her feet wherever she might sit down. Fraulein Rot-tenmeier, very erect, went through the rooms inspect­ing everything, as if to signify that even though a second ruling power was near at hand, her own, for all that, had not come to an end.
The carriage rolled up to the door, and Sebastian and Tinette rushed down the stairs ; Fraulein Rotten-meier in a dignified way followed slowly after, for she knew that she had to appear to welcome Frau Sese­mann. Heidi had been told to go to her room and to wait there until she was called, for the grandmamma would first go to see Klara and would wish to see her alone. Heidi sat down in a corner and repeated what she was to say to Frau Sesemann. She did not have long to wait before Tinette thrust her head a very little way in at the door and said brusquely, as usual: —
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