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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Go into the library."
Heidi had not dared to ask Fraulein Rottenmeier for an explanation about the manner of addressing the grandmamma, but she thought the lady must have made a mistake, for until now she had always heard a person called Frau or Herr, with the name following; so she settled the matter thus in her own mind. As she opened the door into the library, the grandmamma called out to her in a friendly voice : —
" Ah, here is the child ! Come here to me and let me look at you."
Heidi went to her and in her clear voice said dis­tinctly : —
" How do you do, Frau Gnadige ? "
" And why not! " said the grandmamma, laughing. " Is that what you say at home ? Did you hear that in the Alps ?"
" No; no one among us has that name," answered Heidi earnestly.
"Neither has any one here," said the grandmamma, again laughing, and patted Heidi affectionately on the cheek. "It's no matter! In the nursery I am grand­mamma, and you shall call me so. You can remember that, can't you ? "
"Yes, I can," said Heidi confidently; "I always called you so before."
" Well, you understand now ! " said the grandmamma, nodding her head quite merrily. Then she took a good look at Heidi, nodding her head again from time to time, and Heidi looked very earnestly into her eyes,
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