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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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138                                              HEIDI
On the day after her arrival, when Klara lay down at the usual time after dinner, the grandmamma took a seat in an easy-chair by her side, and closed her eyes for a few moments; then she jumped up, for she was immediately awake again, and went out into the dining-room ; there was no one there. " She is asleep," she said to herself; then went to Fraulein Rottenmeier's room and knocked loudly on the door. After some time she appeared, and started back somewhat alarmed by the unexpected visit.
"Where does the child stay at this time, and what does she do? I should like to know about it," said Frau Sesemann.
" She sits in her room, where she might busy her­self with something useful, if she had the slightest inclination to do anything; but Frau Sesemann ought to know what absurd things this creature often plans, and really carries into effect — things which I could hardly speak about in refined society."
" I should do the same if I had to sit there alone as this child does, I assure you, and you would see how you would speak of my nonsense in refined society. Now bring the child out and fetch her to my room ; I want to give her some pretty books I have brought with me."
"That is just the trouble ; it is indeed!" exclaimed Fraulein Rottenmeier, wringing her hands. " What can the child do with books ? In all this time she has not even learned her A-B-C's; it is really impossible to get a single idea into this creature's head; the Herr Kandidat can tell you about that! If this excellent
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