HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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light over it all, for the sun was just going down beyond the horizon.
The grandmamma took Heidi by the hand.
"Come, come, child," she said in a friendly way, "don't cry, don't cry. The picture made you remem­ber something; but see, there is a lovely story about it, which I will tell you this evening, and there are a great many more beautiful stories in the book, which can be read and repeated. Come, we must have a little talk together. Dry your tears, and now stand right here in front of me, so that I can look straight at you ; there, that's right ; now we are happy again."
But it was still some time before Heidi could stop sobbing. The grandmamma gave her a good while to recover, merely saying encouragingly now and then : —
" There, that's good; now we are happy again to­gether."
When she finally saw that the child was quieted she said: —
" Now you must tell me something, my child. How do you get along in the study hours with the Herr Kan-didat ? Are you studying well, and have you learned something ?"
"Oh, no!" answered Heidi, sighing; "but I knew that it could n't be learned."
" What could not be learned, Heidi ? what do you mean ?"
" People can't learn to read; it is too hard."
"What an idea! And where did you hear this news ?"
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