HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Peter told me so, and he knows about it. He has to keep trying, but he can never learn; it is too hard."
" Well, Peter is a strange fellow! But, see here, Heidi, you must not always take for granted what Peter tells you; you must try for yourself. Surely you have not listened with all your mind to the Herr Kandidat, and looked at the letters."
" It's of no use," asserted Heidi with a tone of entire submission to the inevitable.
"Heidi," said the grandmamma, "now I am going to tell you something : you have not learned to read yet because you believed your Peter; but now you must believe me, and I tell you, really and truly, that you can learn to read in a short time, like a great many children, who are like you and not like Peter. And now you must know what will happen when you can read. You have seen the shepherd in the beautiful green pasture. As soon as you can read you shall have the book for your own, so that you can learn his whole story, just as if some one told it to you; all that he is doing with his sheep and goats, and all the remarkable things that happened to him. You would like to know this, would n't you, Heidi ?"
Heidi had listened with the eagerest attention, and now she said, with beaming eyes, and drawing a deep breath:
" Oh, if I could only read now ! "
" It will come, and it won't take long; that I can see already, Heidi. And now we must look after Klara:
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