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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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A GRANDMAMMA                                    143
and weep very softly so that no one might hear her. Heidi's unhappiness did not escape the grandmamma's notice. She let some days pass by to see if there would be any change in her — if her down-heartedness would pass away. But as Heidi remained the same, and the grandmamma could often see early in the morning that she had been crying, she called the child one day into her room and said with the greatest kindness : —
" Now tell me, Heidi, what is the matter ? Is some­thing grieving you ? "
But Heidi would not seem ungrateful to the kind grandmamma, for fear she might no longer be so friendly toward her; so she said sadly: —
" I cannot tell you."
" No ? Can you not tell Klara ? " asked the grand­mamma.
" Oh, no, I can't tell anybody ! " said Heidi decidedly, and looking so unhappy that the grandmamma pitied her.
" Come, my child," she said, " I want to tell you something. When we have a sorrow we cannot speak to anybody about, then we tell the dear God in heaven, and ask him to help us, for he can take away every sor­row that troubles us. You understand that, don't you ? You pray every night to the dear God in heaven, and thank him for everything good, and ask him to keep you from all harm, don't you ?"
" Oh, no, I never do that! " answered the child.
" Have you never prayed, then, Heidi? Do you not know what it is ? "
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