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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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144                                         HEIDI
" I used to pray with the first grandmother, but it is so long ago that I have forgotten about it."
" You see, Heidi, the reason you are so sad is be­cause you know no one that can help you. Just think what a good thing it is, when something troubles and distresses you in your heart, that you can go any moment to the dear Lord and tell him everything, and ask him to help you, when no one else can help you! And he can always help you and make you happy again."
A glad light came into Heidi's eyes : —
" Can I tell him everything, everything ? "
" Everything, Heidi, everything."
The child drew her hand out of the grandmamma's and said quickly : —
" Can I go ?"
"Certainly! certainly!" was the reply; and Heidi ran away to her own room and sat down on a footstool, folded her hands and told the dear Lord everything that was in her heart, everything that made her sad, and asked him, urgently and sincerely, to help her and let her go home to her grandfather.
A little more than a week had passed since this day, when the Herr Kandidat asked to see Frau Sesemann, as he wished to talk with her about an important mat­ter. He was called into her room. Frau Sesemann politely offered him her hand : —
" My dear Herr Kandidat, I am glad to see you ! Sit down here by me "; she pushed a chair toward him. " There, now tell me what brings you here; nothing unpleasant, no complaint ? "
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