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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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150                                              HEIDI
entered with her big book under her arm, the grand­mamma motioned to her to come close to her, laid the book aside, and said : —
" Now come, my child, and tell me why you are not happy. Have you still the same trouble in your heart ? "
"Yes," said Heidi, nodding.
" Have you told the dear Lord about it ? "
" And do you pray every day that all may be well, and that he will make you happy? "
"Oh, no, I don't pray any more now."
" What do you tell me, Heidi ? what do I hear ? Why don't you pray any longer ? "
" It's of no use ; the dear Lord did not listen ; and I really believe," continued Heidi, somewhat excited, " when so many, many people in Frankfurt are pray­ing together at night, the dear Lord cannot pay atten­tion to them all, and so he has certainly not heard me."
" Why, how do you know that this is so, Heidi ? "
" I prayed the same prayer every day for many long weeks, and the dear Lord never answered me."
"That is not so, Heidi! You must n't have such an idea! You see, the dear Lord is a good Father to us all! He always knows what is good for us, if we do not know it. But if we want something from him that is not good for us, he does not give it to us, but something much better, if we continue to pray to him sincerely, and do not run away and lose all confidence in him. You see, what you wished to ask of him was not good for you just now; the dear Lord heard you;
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