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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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he can hear and see every one at the same time, be­cause he is God, and not a human being like you and me, and because he knew what was good for you, he thought to himself : —
"'Yes, Heidi shall have what she asks for, but not until it is good for her, and when she will be quite happy about it. For if I should do now what she wants, and she finds afterwards that it would have been better if I had not done what she wished, then she would cry and say : " If only the dear Lord had not given me what I asked for! It is not so good as I thought it would be !" And while the dear Lord was looking down to see whether you really trusted him and came to him every day and prayed when you needed any­thing, you have run away, no longer prayed, and quite forgotten him.
" But, you see, when one does so, and the dear Lord no longer hears his voice in prayer, he forgets him, too, and lets him go whither he will. But when one is in trouble and complains, 'There is no one to help me!' we feel no pity for him, but say: ' You yourself ran away from the dear Lord, who could have helped you!' Do you want it to be so, Heidi, or will you go right away to the dear Lord and ask his forgiveness for hav­ing turned away from him, and then pray every day, and trust him so that everything will be made right for you, and you may have a happy heart again ? "
Heidi had listened very attentively; every word of the grandmamma had gone to her heart, for the child had perfect confidence in her.
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