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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" I will go now, right away, and ask God to forgive me, and I will never forget him again," said Heidi penitently.
" That is right, my child; he will help you at the right time, only be trustful! " said the grandmamma encouragingly; and Heidi ran away to her room at once and prayed earnestly and penitently to the dear Lord, and asked him not to forget her, but to look down upon her again.
The day for the grandmamma's departure had come, and it was a sad day for Klara and Heidi; but the grandmamma managed it so that they were not aware that it was a sad day, but rather a festival, until she went away in the carriage. Then the house seemed as empty and still as if everything had come to an end, and throughout the rest of the day Klara and Heidi sat as if lost, and did not know what would happen next.
The next day when the lessons were over, and it was time for the children to sit together as usual, Heidi came in with her book under her arm and said :
" I am always, always going to read aloud to you; would you like to have me, Klara ? "
Klara agreed to this proposal, and Heidi made haste to begin her task. But it was not long before it all came to an end, for Heidi had scarcely begun to read a story, which told about a dying grandmother, when she suddenly screamed aloud :
" Oh, now the grandmother is dead !" She burst into pitiful weeping, for everything that Heidi read
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