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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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was to her actually taking place, and she believed nothing else than that the grandmother on the Aim was dead; so she cried louder and louder: —
" Now the grandmother is dead and I can never go to her, and she has never had a single roll! "
Klara tried to explain to Heidi that it was not the grandmother on the Aim, but an entirely different one, whom the story was telling about; but even when this mistake was finally made clear to the excited Heidi, she could not calm herself, and went on crying inconsol-ably, for the thought had been awakened in her mind that the grandmother really might die, and her grand­father too, while she was so far away, and then if she should go home after a long time, it would be so still and lifeless on the Aim, and she would be all alone, and could never again see those who were dear to her.
In the mean time Fraulein Rottenmeier had come into the room and heard Klara's attempt to explain Heidi's mistake. But when the child still could not stop sobbing, she went with evident signs of impatience toward the children and said in a decided voice : —
" Adelheid, we have had enough of your useless screaming ! I want to tell you something ; if you ever again, while you are reading your stories, give vent to such an outbreak, I will take the book away from you and not return it."
This made an impression. Heidi turned pale with fright. The book was her dearest treasure. She has­tily dried her tears and swallowed and choked down her sobs with all her might, so that no further sound
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