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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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bear to go far. So they seldom went beyond walls and pavements, but usually turned round before they reached the suburbs; so that all they saw was beauti­ful wide streets, where plenty of houses and people were to be seen, but no grass and flowers, no fir trees, and no mountains; and Heidi's longing for a glimpse of the beautiful things she had been accustomed to increased every day. Now the mere name of one of these suggestive words was enough to cause an outbreak of pain, and Heidi had to struggle against it with all her might.
Thus passed the autumn and win­ter ; and the sun had already become so dazzling on the white walls of the houses opposite that Heidi surmised the time was drawing near for Peter to drive the goats up on the Aim again, and the golden rock-roses would be glistening in the sunshine, and every evening all the moun­tains round would be on fire. Heidi would sit down in a corner of her lonely room and put both hands over her eyes, so that she might not see the sunlight on the walls opposite; and thus she would sit without stir­ring, silently fighting against her burning homesick­ness, until Klara called for her again.
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