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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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For several days Fraulein Rottenmeier had been going about the house, for the most part, in silence and wrapt in thought. If at dusk she went from one room to another, or through the long corridor, she often looked around her and into the corners, giving a quick glance behind now and then, as if she thought some one might be coming softly after her and, un­noticed, pull her dress. She went alone into the living-rooms only. If she had something to do on the upper floor where the handsomely furnished guest-rooms were situated, or downstairs in the great mysterious hall, in which every step gave a resounding echo, and the old senators, with their big white collars, looked down from the walls so sternly and steadily with their big eyes, she would pretend there was something to carry up or down, and she would summon Tinette and tell her she must come with her. Tinette did exactly the same ; if she had any work to do upstairs or down, she would call Sebastian and tell him he was to go with her, for she might have something to carry which she could not manage alone. Strange to say, Sebastian did precisely the same; if he was sent to the remote part of the house, he called up Johann and directed him to accom-
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