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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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pany him, for fear he could not bring what was needed. Each one followed the other quite willingly, although there was really nothing to be carried, and each might have gone alone; but it seemed as if the companion always thought he might soon need the other for the same service. While this was going on upstairs, the cook, who had been in the house for many years, stood below, deep in thought among her pots, and shook her head and sighed : —
" That I should live to see this ! "
For some time there had been something strange and uncanny going on in the Sesemann house. Every morning when the servants came down the house door stood wide open, but no one was to be seen anywhere about who could give any account of the matter. The first few times when this happened all the chambers and rooms of the house were anxiously searched to see what had been stolen, for they thought a thief had broken into the house in the night and had escaped with his booty ; but such was not the case; not a single thing in the whole house was missing.
At night the door was not only double locked, but also a wooden bar was put across; it made no differ­ence, in the morning the door stood wide open; and no matter how early the servants in their excitement came down, there stood the door open ; yet everything round about was wrapt in deep sleep, and the doors and win­dows in all the other houses were still firmly fastened.
At last Johann and Sebastian took courage, and at Dame Rottenmeier's urgent request, prepared to spend
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