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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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158                                         HEIDI
the night below in the room adjoining the great hall, to see what would happen.
Fraulein Rottenmeier got out some of Herr Sese-mann's weapons and gave them to Sebastian.
The two men sat down on the appointed evening, and after being at first very talkative they became rather sleepy ; whereupon they both leaned back in their chairs and were silent. When the old tower clock struck twelve, Sebastian grew bold and called to his compan­ion ; but he was not easy to waken; as often as Sebas­tian called to him he would turn his head from one side of the chair back to the other and go to sleep again. Sebastian now listened eagerly, for he was wide awake again. It was as still as a mouse everywhere; even in the street there was no sound to be heard. Sebastian did not go to sleep again, for it seemed to him uncanny in the deep stillness, and he called Johann in a subdued voice and shook him a little from time to time. Finally, when it had struck one o'clock, Johann woke up and realized why he was sitting in a chair and not lying in his bed. Suddenly he began to be very brave and called out: —
"Now, Sebastian, we must go out and see how things are; you needn't be afraid. Come after me."
Johann opened wide the room door, which had been left ajar, and stepped outside. At the same moment a sharp gust of air blew in from the open house door and put out the light which Johann held in his hand. He rushed back, almost threw Sebastian, who was standing behind him, backwards into the room, then
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