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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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dragged him along, closed the door, and in feverish haste turned the key as far as it would go. Then he pulled out his match-box and made a light again. Sebastian did not know just what had happened, for, standing behind the broad-shouldered Johann, he had not so plainly felt the draft of air. But when they could see each other by the light, Sebastian cried out from fright, for Johann was deadly pale and trembled like an aspen leaf.
"What is the matter? What was outside there?" asked Sebastian anxiously.
"The door was as wide open as it could be," gasped Johann, "and there was a white form on the steps ; you see, Sebastian, it came up the steps, disappeared, and was gone."
Cold shivers ran down Sebastian's back. Then they sat down very close together and did not stir again until it was morning and people began to be moving in the street. Then they went out together, closed the open door, and went upstairs to tell Fraulein Rotten-meier about their experience. The lady was quite ready to talk, for the expectation of what might happen had kept her from sleeping. As soon as she learned what had occurred she sat down and wrote such a letter to Herr Sesemann as he had never received before. In it she said that her fingers were paralyzed with fright. Herr Sesemann must immediately come home, for the most unheard-of things had happened there. Then she told him what had taken place ; how the door was found wide open every morning, and in consequence no one
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