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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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to, Fraulein Rottenmeier ? " asked Herr Sesemann with a comical expression in the corners of his mouth.
"Indeed, Herr Sesemann," replied that lady with solemnity, "it is no laughing matter. I have no doubt at all that by to-morrow Herr Sesemann will find it serious enough; for what is going on in this house signifies that something terrible must have happened here in days gone by and have been kept secret."
" Well, I know nothing about it," observed Herr Sesemann, " but I must beg of you not to harbor any suspicions of my most honorable ancestors. And now call Sebastian into the dining-room ; I wish to talk with him alone."
Herr Sesemann went into the dining-room, and Sebas­tian made his appearance. Herr Sesemann had not failed to observe that Sebastian and Fraulein Rotten­meier were not the best of friends; so he had his sus­picions.
" Come here, Sebastian," said he, beckoning the ser­vant to enter. " Now tell me honestly, have you not your own self been playing the part of a ghost in order to plague Fraulein Rottenmeier a little ? Tell me ! "
" No, on my word ; you must not think any such thing; I myself have not felt at all comfortable about the matter," replied Sebastian with unmistakable frank­ness.
" Well, if that is the case, I will show you and the brave Johann to-morrow how ghosts look by daylight. Shame upon you, Sebastian! a strong young fellow like you running away from ghosts ! Now go at once
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