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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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to my old friend, Dr. Classen; give him my compli­ments, and tell him he must come here without fail to-night at nine o'clock. I have come home from Paris on purpose to consult him. It is such a serious matter that he must spend the night with me; he must make his arrangements accordingly. Do you understand, Sebastian ? "
" Yes, indeed ; yes, indeed ! Herr Sesemann may be sure that I shall do as he says."
Sebastian left the room, and Herr Sesemann turned to his little daughter to quiet her fears about the appa­rition, which he was going that very day to put in its true light.
Punctually at nine o'clock, when the children had gone to sleep and Fraulein Rottenmeier had retired, the doctor appeared, showing still under his gray hair a very fresh face and two bright, kind twinkling eyes. He looked somewhat anxious, but as his friend greeted him, broke out into a hearty laugh and said, clapping him on the shoulder: —
"Well, well, for one who needs to be watched with, you look tolerably hearty, old friend."
" Have patience, my dear doctor," replied Herr Sese­mann ; " the one you have to watch with will look worse when we have caught him."
" What! a sick person in the house and one that must be caught ? "
" Far worse, doctor, far worse. A ghost in the house; the house is haunted!"
The doctor laughed aloud.
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