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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" A fine state of affairs, doctor!" continued Herr Sesemann. " It 's a shame that my friend Rotten-meier cannot enjoy it. She is convinced that a former Sesemann is wandering about here and expiating some dreadful deed."
"How did she find out about it ?" asked the doctor, still very much amused.
Herr Sesemann now told his friend about the whole proceeding, and added that, in order to be prepared for whatever might happen, he had left two well-loaded revolvers where they were to watch; for either the affair was a very undesirable joke, which possibly some of the servants' acquaintances were playing, in order to frighten the people in the house during the master's absence — in that case a little scare, such as a good shot into the air, could not be unwholesome — or else it was a case of thieves, who had taken this means to make them think they were ghosts, in order to be safer later on, as no one would dare to venture forth; if this were so, a good weapon might not come amiss.
During this explanation the gentlemen had gone downstairs and entered the same room where Johann and Sebastian had watched. On the table lay the two revolvers, and two brightly lighted candelabra stood in the centre, for Herr Sesemann did not care to await the ghost in a dim light.
The door was now partly shut, so that too much light need not shine out into the hall to frighten away the ghost. Then the gentlemen seated themselves com­fortably in their easy-chairs and began to talk about all
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