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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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166                                        HEIDI
sorts of things, now and then taking a little refresh­ment, and so the clock struck twelve before they were aware of it.
" The ghost has spied us out and is not coming to-night at all," said the doctor.
" Have patience, it may come at one o'clock," replied his friend.
They went on with their talking. It struck one. It was perfectly still all about; even on the street there was no sound to be heard. Suddenly the doctor lifted his finger: —
" Sh, Sesemann ! don't you hear something ? "
They both listened. They heard the bar softly but quite distinctly pushed back, the key turned twice in the lock, and the door was opened. Herr Sesemann reached after the revolver.
" You are not afraid ? " said the doctor, rising.
" It is better to be cautious," whispered Herr Sese­mann, seizing the candelabrum with three candles in his left hand, and the revolver in his right, and followed the doctor, who proceeded likewise provided with lights and a revolver. They stepped out into the corridor.
Through the wide-open door the pale moonlight came in and lighted up a white form, which stood motionless on the threshold.
"Who is there ? " the doctor thundered forth, so that it echoed through the entire length of the corridor, and both gentlemen, with lights and weapons, went toward the figure. It turned around and gave a little scream. There stood Heidi, with bare feet, in her white night-
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