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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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168                                       HEIDI
" Don't be afraid, don't be afraid," he said kindly, as they went up; " only be very quiet; there is no harm done, so never mind."
When they were in Heidi's room the doctor placed his light on the table, took Heidi in his arms, laid her in her bed and covered her up carefully. He sat down in a chair by the bed and waited until she was some­what calmer and did not tremble in every limb. Then he took Heidi's hand and said soothingly: —
" There, now everything is all right; now tell me where you wanted to go."
" I did n't want to go anywhere," asserted Heidi; " I did not go down there myself; I was only there all at once."
" Indeed ! and did you dream anything in the night, do you know, so that you saw and heard something very clearly ?"
" Yes, every night I dream, and always the same thing. I think I am with my grandfather, and I hear the fir trees roaring outdoors, and I think, ' Now the stars are sparkling so brightly in the sky,' and I run swiftly and open the door of the hut, and it is so beau­tiful there ! But when I wake up I am always in Frank­furt still." Heidi began to struggle and to swallow down the lump that rose in her throat.
" Hm ! and do you ever have any pain anywhere ? In your head or in your back ? "
" Oh, no; only something presses here all the time, like a great stone."
" Hm! somewhat as if you had eaten something
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