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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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and then afterwards wished you could give it back again ?
" No, not like that; but so heavy, as if I must cry hard."
" Indeed ! and then do you cry right out loud ? "
" Oh, no, I don't dare to do that; Fraulein Rotten-meier has forbidden that."
" Then you swallow it down till another time, don't you ? Really! Well, you like to stay in Frankfurt, do you not ? "
" Oh, yes," she replied faintly; but it sounded as if she meant the opposite.
"Hm! and where did you live with your grand­father ? "
" Always on the Aim."
" It is not particularly pleasant there, but rather dreary, is it not ? "
" Oh, no ; it is so lovely there, so lovely ! "
Heidi could say no more; the recollection of it all, the excitement she had just passed through, and the long-restrained weeping overpowered the child; the tears rushed from her eyes in streams, and she broke into loud, passionate sobbing.
The doctor rose; he laid Heidi's head gently on the pillow and said : —
" There, now cry a little — it can do no harm — and then go to sleep, and be happy in your sleep; to­morrow everything will be all right."
Then he went downstairs.
When he was once more in the room where they had
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