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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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been watching, he drew the easy-chair opposite his waiting friend and explained to him, as he listened with eager expectation : —
" Sesemann, in the first place, your little protegee walks in her sleep; all unconsciously she has opened the door every night like a ghost and put all your ser­vants into a fever of fright. In the second place, the child is wasting away from homesickness, so that she is almost reduced to a little skeleton and will soon be entirely so; something must be done for her at once! For the first evil and for the nervous excitement exist­ing in a high degree there is but one remedy, namely, to send the child immediately back to her native moun­tain air; for the second there is but one medicine, and that the very same thing. So send the child home to-morrow; that is my prescription."
Herr Sesemann rose from his chair. Pie walked up and down the room in the greatest excitement; then he exclaimed : —
" A sleep-walker! Sick ! Homesick ! wasted away in my house ! All this in my house! And no one noticed it or knew anything about it! And do you think, doctor, that I will send the child, who came fresh and healthy into my house, back to her grand­father miserable and wasted away ? No, doctor, you cannot expect that; I can't do that; that I will never do. Take the child in hand, put her under treatment, do what you like, but make her sound and healthy, and then I will send her home if she wants to go ; but first give her your aid ! "
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